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Charles Spence's bibliography on multisensory perception, integration and attention

Invited speaker talk slides: Sandra Marshall, Charles Spence, Anil Jain

ISCA - Tutorial and Research Workshop on Audio Visual Speech Processing, St Jorioz, France, September 4-7, 2003

ISWC'03 - 7th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers, White Plains, NY, October 21-13, 2003

UIST'03 - ACM UIST 2003 Conference, Vancouver B.C., November 2-5, 2003

CUU'03 - Second ACM Conference on Universal Usability, Vancouver B.C., November 10-12, 2003

MMUA'03 - Workshop on Multimodal User Authentication, Santa Barbara, California, December 11-12, 2003

Past PUI and ICMI events

Special Issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (Submission date: 26 Jan 2004)

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